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Starwood Hearing is a sister company of Starwood Audiology and Hearing aids, a successful practice in the Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex founded by Dr. Bina, AuD. We are expanding our business to the whole United States as a Franchise and looking for, licensed Audiologists, Hearing Instrument Specialists, ENT physicians, to join us as Franchisees (owners).

The hearing aids business has changed with hearing aids coverage by insurances, as well as recent rules regarding over the counter hearing aids.

We are in network with insurance vendors and have huge referrals from big insurance companies such as United Healthcare, Aetna, and other insurance companies. We will train you how to work with insurances. Our business model is different from most private practices as the majority of our patients are insurance pay patients. We do have a higher closing rate and a lower return rate compared to other private practices. Although the revenue for each sale is less than other private practices, we help more patients as far as quantity of sale and we do not spend thousands or million of dollars for advertising. 

  • If you do have a license as an Audiologist and/or hearing Instrument Specialist or if you are an ENT physician and looking to expand or have a better  Audiology/hearing aids practice: 
  • If you are multitasking and a hard worker: 
  • If you do have the ability to move between locations and visit your patients:
    We really want to speak with you! 

The franchisee is responsible for a specific territory so the ability to handle multi locations is one of  our mandatory requirements. We do have agreements with huge leasing agencies which allow us to use multi locations with much smaller fees. 

We train you how to run your business as well as credentialing and contracting with our referral sources. We train you how to provide better consultation for patients to maximize your closing rate and minimize your returning rate. We also train you how to fit and manage difficult cases  such as patients with Single sided deafness.

If you have the features mentioned earlier and want to learn more about this opportunity please fill out the form and one of our associates will reach out to you. Please note that you must prove to us that you are a licensed hearing healthcare provider by either providing us with a copy of your license or the URL which shows your license information as well as your CV before we explain to you about our business. 

Please take a look at the video below which is the message of the company's founder.

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