How much can I earn?

If we find that you are a potential franchisee then we provide you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which you can see our Gross Revenue for the last few years. This gives you an estimate of how much you can possibly earn.

How much will I need to invest?

 If we find that you are a potential franchisee then we will provide you with our FDD that you can see the fees such as initial, royalty, training fees and so on.

Will my business be the only StarwoodHearing business in my area?

Item 12 in FDD and the “territory” provisions in the franchise agreement
describe whether the franchisor and other franchisees can compete with you.

What are the hours and days of operation? 

We work 6 days a week and we are
off on Sundays. Being open on Saturdays is one of the mandatory

Do we provide mobile/ home visits?

No we do not provide home visits however
providers must rotate between our locations and visit the patients.

Should I have license and experience to be eligible for this opportunity?

As far as License absolutely yes. You must be a licensed Audiologist and/or
Hearing Instrument specialist or Licensed ENT physician. As far as
experience we prefer to work with experienced licensees however we provide
full training so this is not mandatory.

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