Hearing Aid business opportunity for International Audiologists

Our International franchise programs are for those International Audiologists who want to live and practice in the US. Audiology training is different here in the US. AuD is required in most states. However obtaining a license as a Hearing Instrument Specialist or Audiologist through equivalency is possible in some states. Our team can help international Audiologists for equivalency and/or how to prepare and pass the exams required to obtain the license.

Our franchise program is open to international Audiologists with more than 10 years experience in diagnosis and amplification. There are some visas which let you live and practice in the US. One of them is E2 which requires 100.000.00 investment and the other one is EB5 which requires at least 800.000.00 dollars investment. E2 is not available for citizens of some countries. If you are an international dispenser Audiologist with 10 years or more years of experience you may apply for our franchise opportunities. Please note that we do not have any employment sponsorship programs for International Audiologist only E2 and EB5 is possible at this time so the ability to invest 100.000.00 dollars for E2 and at least 800.000.00 dollars for the EB5 is necessary for our franchise programs for International Audiologists.

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